HopHopCornerPortland finally has an Easter Half Marathon & 5K to celebrate the holiday! This fun, Easter-themed event features a BRAND NEW, gorgeous half marathon and 5K course that takes participants all along Marine Drive with views of the beautiful Columbia River for the entire race!

With giant Easter Egg Medals, Mimosas, Easter brunch snacks (including cinnamon rolls, fruit hardboiled eggs, more!), Easter Egg painting, costumes, and more, this new event is sure to be one of the most festive holiday-themed events around!

Of course, this event will be chip timed and the half will be a certified course. Very flat andfast course to set a PR on or great for beginners looking to complete your first half or a great 5K to set a PR on!


CLICK HERE FOR GMAP of the HALF MARATHON course (more detailed map coming soon!)


Half Marathon

This extremely flat course starts on NE 33rd Ave. and takes participants south on 33rd for one mile before heading back North towards Marine Drive. Participants are then treated to over 10 miles of flat, smooth bike path with gorgeous views of Mt. Hood and the mighty Columbia River. The course follows an out and back format on the Marine Drive Bike path, with the turnaround right at the I-205 bridge. Participants then finish the course by reentering NE 33rd Ave. and finishing where they started. USATF CERTIFICATION NUMBER: OR13003LB


This extremely flat course starts on NE 33rd Ave. and takes participants out to Marine Drive via the bike path from NE 33rd Ave. It is an out and back course and will feature views of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood on a clear day! It is a fast course that welcomes runners and walkers. NOTE: There is a 55 minute time limit on the 5K course (to ensure safety and ease potential congestion on return route).

USATF Certified and Chip-timed

The Half Marathon course is always certified and professionally chip timed!

Aid Stations

There will be 5 total aid stations along the half marathon course serving electrolyte and gels at each! There will also be restrooms at each stop.

Nuun will be the electrolyte choice on course and Clif Shots will be our gels on course. Pick up either one at any Foot Traffic location to test them out before the event!


If you haven’t already found out, the starting location does not have an actual address (just a giant lot!). However, we have provided multiple links from all sorts of directions around Portland. If one of these doesn’t fit your needs, you can easily type in your own address and still use the destination coordinates listed on google maps to get you to the start line! We also listed the recommended routes (although all routes are very similar), so you can follow those if you would like. See you soon! From I-5 South option one (Marine Drive) option two (Columbia Blvd) *recommended From I-205 South option one (Columbia Blvd) *recommended option two (Marine Drive) From I-5 North (Vancouver) option one (Marine Drive) *recommended option two (Columbia Blvd) From NE 33rd from NE or SE Portland option one from Burnside

Walkers & Time Limits

WALKERS WELCOME! But, out of respect for residents, businesses, Tri-met, the City of Portland, and everyone that coexists in this great city of ours, we must follow restrictions on the time frame a course can be open. We’re working diligently with our friends with the City of Portland to make this event possible for a variety of abilities and we must mandate that participants maintain about a 16 min. mile. HOWEVER, the great thing about this course is that it allows for slower paces even if we open traffic back up (it’s on a bike path for the majority of the course!). This means we will be able to keep aid stations and the finish line open long enough for participants maintaining up to a 19 min. mile to finish! Read below for more info:

  • Here’s a typical scenario: You arrive at mile 9 at 10:45am (a 16:40 pace for the first 9 miles). You will STILL be on the Marine Drive Bike Path so any final aid stations will still be open for you! However, when you get to 33rd Ave. you might be required to stay on the shoulder/bike lane to complete the rest of your course (see below for traffic laws). When you finish at approximately 11:30, you arrive at the finish line with food, beer, medal, and a finish crew waiting to record your time! Presto! You have skirted the 15 min. rule with no problems as long as you follow traffic laws!
  • To reiterate, we want to support walkers in any way possible so we are trying our best to make this a wonderful course for you! Please let us know if you have any concerns and we will do our best to assuage your concerns.

*Note: For everyone’s safety, participants on the course after it reopens are required by law to follow all traffic rules, including using the sidewalks, cross walks, obeying cross walk signs, and not crossing streets while the traffic lights are red.

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